Mentor and Me

Coming into college I was nervous. I was nervous to live on my own, I was nervous to be taking so many credits my first semester of college, and I was nervous about making friends (even though I have 49 people in my cohort of LAS). Most of all, I was TERRIFIED of moving away from my family.

Thank to my roommate Ashleigh, I’ve picked up the motto ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Moving away has been tough and I’ve had my breakdowns here and there, but I wouldn’t have gotten through it without my beautiful mentor, Teddy.

Back on May 2, Teddy reveled herself to me through a package with a quote from Mother Teresa, CMU gear, and a handwritten letter with pictures of the LAS family. I never knew I could love someone I didn’t know as much as I loved Teddy.














We officially met at Justin Cooper’s pool party- awkward as I could be, she accepted me and loved me unconditionally! I met her in the Applebees parking lot and we drove to his house. We also took a couple detours in fear we’d be at Justin’s house first before any other mentor or mentee pair!

She makes me so happy and I love the positive energy she gives off to everyone. I miss her whenever she’s not with me, and I feel happy as can be when she is with me. Teddy is someone I aspire to be, and I’m so excited to spend the next three years with her by my side.

Early in the first semester, all the mentors and mentees went to Eagle Village to bond and get to know each other better. While everyone was asleep on the bus, Teddy and I spent the entire way up to Eagle Village talking about our best friends, our fears, and everything else under the sun.

While we were at Eagle Village, we laughed, we were nervous, but we accomplished a lot of things. The thing that made Teddy and me grow closer than we’ve ever been before (literally) was the high ropes course.img_3935

We were strung high in the air basically attached to each other. We had to trust one another while we stepped out of our comfort zones WHILE being up in the air. I’ve never trusted anyone in a three hour block more than I trusted Teddy.

Teddy and I have grown so much closer since Eagle Village, we text each other once a week to try to get together to eat or just hang out. She even has my Netflix passcode (as of recently), but still I couldn’t have been the luckiest and happiest mentee without a mentor like Teddy. ❤


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