LeaDeRs of Today

“Raise your hand if you’ve been told that you are the leaders of tomorrow. That’s bullshit! You are the leaders of today.” -Dan Gaken

When I applied for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship, I had no idea leadership was this big of an institution. I have 48 other leaders surrounding me in Barnes Hall helping me learn everyday about my leadership abilities.13312744_10207591667047396_8575579950416351110_n.jpg

Every Monday, my cohort and I have LDR 100. Class is focused on different leadership styles and learning how to apply them to the real world. We attend a series of conferences in LDR 100 that help us enhance relationships as well as leadership skills. We are currently  in the middle of presentations on the books we read.

My group read The Fred Factor which is basically about a mail man who goes above and beyond to deliver mail to his designated houses. He also goes out of his way to become friends with the author of the book. My group decided to take videos of everyone in my cohort and assign them people to compliment on camera.

We then are compiling those videos together and are playing them to show how everyone in the cohort was a Fred. Even though we made them record something nice about a certain person, they still put thought and effort into what they wanted to say.

14241566_10154035642464075_4760677993144076305_oWe also made sticky notes of thoughtful and inspirational quotes, and handed out Jolly Ranchers along with the quote in the U.C. We’re presenting on a powerpoint explaining what being a Fred means to us, then showing the video and pictures.


I really enjoy LDR because I can speak out and say what I want and I know I have people who will listen to me and respect what I’m saying. LDR is the place I get to see all my cohort once a week; I look forward to seeing everyone and I especially look forward to the staff of the LI. Each one of them so far have taught me something about myself which is incredible considering it’s not even semester yet. I look forward to what LAS and the LI have in store for me within the next 3.5 years!14917045_10154188842244075_4777476080721573316_o


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