100L(s)… Psych Edition

You’d think that Psychology isn’t something that could relate back to Leadership… think again. Having all my LAS cohort in the same class was something I looked forward to every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. In the course, Prof. Prewett helped us connect the importance of Psychology and leadership together.

Every essay question we’d have would deal with a situation with the two intertwining. We learned about the different parts of the brain, different personality traits, and much much more. At the end, Prewett would give us a scenario and he’d have us explain what part of the brain was working, and how to handle the situation in a psychologic way.

He was a very good professor in the sense he’d help us succeed. He’d answer any question (whether on topic or not) about anything for us. He’d also give us opportunities to get extra credits. Between attending something to writing essays, or even the exam review the class before the tests, he’d help us rack up as many points before we went into war with the exams.


The exams were very hard for me just because I’m not good at memorizing/understanding so many terms at the same time. It’s very easy to get things confused which didn’t help me. The thing that did help me though (besides Prewett), was MindTap.

He explained it on the first day as “Flashcards on steroids” which, was in fact, exactly what it was.

It would give you a word, have you memorize it, then find the definition later on in the process.

In the beginning of the semester, I thought psych would be impossible, but with Prewett and with LAS, it wasn’t all that hard. The content, maybe, but with the help of my peers for long and late study sessions, and with the help of the great professor, class wasn’t all too bad.


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