Learn to Find Connections

Connection: defined as a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. November 4-5, LAS and others from CMU traveled to the Great Wolf Lodge to attend Connections, a conference all about networking.

I was thrilled to roll up to the Great Wolf Lodge to see my mentor and G mentor working the conference. They are the type of leader I want to be: the leader who is loyal, hard working, and cares for everyone else. I am very thankful for them, and all they have taught me about myself, and leadership thus far.


We had 6 per room, four girls for two queen size beds, one for the pull-out couch, and one for the ground (I decided it was better to not shove two people on a pull out couch so I volunteered to sleep on the ground). It was my 3 roommates, Ashleigh, Erika, and Susie, me, and two girls whom we didn’t know.

Connections formed right there and then with a girl named Layal, our newest addition to room 308 for the weekend. She’s sweet, kind, and is a MAC scholar. The next roommate was from a sorority like Ashleigh and I are from, and we bonded instantly from that and her name was Michelle.

Connections was basically a weekend to get to know other student leaders from different organizations on campus. I spoke with students from Hall Council, Student Go

vernment, different Sororities/Fraternities, and more. We all discussed throughout our breakout sessions what kind of leadership we contained, and how to deliver our leadership to followers.

My favorite session in the entire conference was about my favorite thing in the world, Disney. The people in charge (whose name I can’t remember…) had us write down our favorite Disney characters

img_4369on a sheet of paper. We had to define how they were a leader, what kind of qualities they had that made them the hero, the villain, whoever they were in the movie.

They also had us relate ourselves back with the characters we chose. How was I like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch? Did I have the same leadership like her? I mean come on, she loved Stitch unconditionally even though she knew he wasn’t a dog! I wish to be like Lilo in that sense.

I made the most connections with others during meal time. Sitting by people I didn’t necessarily know was good for communicating and learning about others. I still keep in contact with some from the conference. One boy I met was is in my math class, Layal knew Noah Burks from MAC and I continue to talk to her every day, and another girl I met is in the Greek community and we still keep in contact.

Connections is a special thing to know for college, especially being a leader. I’ve learned so many skills and I’ve set so many goals because of this conference, and I am thankful for the experiences and tools it gave me to move forward in my leadership career.


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