Saw the Rest, Chose the Best

From the moment I found out my mom and grandma were in sororities when they were my age, I was bound and determined to go through recruitment. I’d dream about finally having sisters I could love (and steal clothes from).

At Central Michigan, you get put into “Gamma Chi” groups which is basically you and 10 other girls you are with for the two weekends. My Gamma Chi’s name was Abbie, and she was my mentor through out the entire process.

My mom and me on parent’s day

She was the one I turned my lists into at the end of the day, the one who helped me pick which sorority was right for me, and she was my mentor that I desperately needed during the weekends.

There are 11 sororities on campus that belong to the National Panhellenic Conference. How recruitment works is there are 11 big tents set up, one for each sorority. On day one, you go around to all 11 tents and get paired with one girl so you can really get to know the chapter in depth.

By the end of the day, you choose your favorite 8 that you want to see again. Since it’s a mutual process, each sorority chooses if you come back to the tent the next day. Each day, the time you get to talk to the sororities get longer and longer. After each of the days, you have to eliminate more and more of the sororities.

My first great friend, Heather on Bid Day

Along with more time in each tent, different days are dedicated to “Philanthropy” and “Sisterhood” which is basically the days the girls in the tent tell you what makes their sorority unique compared to the rest. After I saw the Alpha Chi Omega video for sisterhood, I knew that I wanted to be in the chapter.

Having my mom and grandma in Alpha Chi Omega when they were in college, it put the pressure on me. I didn’t want to jump a sorority just because of my mom and grandma. I wanted to jump a place where it felt like I belonged.

Each day in the A Chi O tent, I’d have great conversations about everything, philanthropy, sisterhood, food, why I came to college. The list goes on forever and ever, I didn’t have one bad conversation in the chapter.

My Big, Lyndsey,  jumped out of a box to reveal to me

At the end of the week, there’s the last day which is Pref Day. You finally narrow it down to two sororities. On Pref Day, you see a little deeper in the two sororities. You see some ritual things and talk one on one to girls for an hour.

When you experience ritual and are finished with Pref Day, you got to Pref which sorority you would like to get a bid from. I stayed in line for an hour with my LAS friend, Ellen Wagner. I felt bad for her because I was so torn on which sorority I wanted. fullsizeoutput_633

I told her, “Alpha Chi’s are who I am. They act the exact same as me”.

I signed on a piece of paper that night that I wanted to receive a bid from a chapter that made me feel like I found my home away from home on campus. I signed a piece of paper hoping I’d be loved and accepted. Some people say it felt like they were signing away their lives, but I’d “sign my life away” a thousand more times if it meant I’d jump Alpha Chi Omega.

Heather, Courtney, and Abbey on Bid Day

The very next day, our Gamma Chi’s gave us our bids one by one. I ripped my envelope open so fast, but so crappily. I started crying when I read the words “Alpha Chi Omega cordially invites Molly Gadola to become a new member of the Delta Zeta Chapter”.


We all piled in Finch Fieldhouse. In the bleachers, each chapter was standing with signs, and with different colorful outfits. All of the girls jumping got lined up and paired up with girls who were jumping the same chapter as them. I paired up with four girls and waited in line which seemed to be forever.

The groups would get up on stage, say their names, then scream into the microphone so everyone could hear which chapter they were jumping to. As soon as they screamed the chapter, they’d “run home” to the chapter they chose. There were a bunch of girls from each chapter on the ground ready to sprint to the girls on stage. Lots of hugs and tears were shed that day.

My group of course was of course one of the last ones. I was shaking when I got on stage, but I knew I was so excited to run home to Alpha Chi. Everything was a blur, but I remember running to our chapter’s president, Sam Spokaeski. I started sobbing hugging her and directed me to go change into AXO’s letters! I got a free tank top with AXO in the middle of it.

Afterwards, we went back to the house and just took a thousand pictures. I can’t believe it’s been a semester since I joined the chapter that has already changed my life for the better. I know when I have hard times, I can lean on my sisters. If I want to get sushi and don’t want to go alone, my sisters will be there.

My grandma and mom were there when I got initiated along with my GG, Ali, G Kelly, and my Big.


I don’t know how I got so lucky to join a chapter who has the same values as I do. I have already met lifelong friends I can always count on to have my back. I will forever and always speak highly of Greek Life because I’m having the time of my life with my new best friends.


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