The Happiest Day of the Year

No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about COMP DAY! I was lucky enough to have my number one choice for my Lead Team for LAS. Ever since I went through it last year, competition day was always something I wanted to be a part of. Whether it be right after I went through it, or when my G mentee would be looking for their mentee.

Competition day was such a blur for me because I was so busy being nervous and trying to impress others with my leadership abilities. I remember two things: I met my mentor, Teddy that day… and I was just trying to knock everyone out of my path to the chocolate fountain.

Thankfully this year, I was on the opposite side. I was on the Comp Day lead team, and I was in charge of tours with Rachel Kremm and Susie.

We assigned families and contestants to other LAS 16 members to go off on tours around campus and around Barnes rooms. I also gave one tour (which wasn’t the best but… they were both education majors like myself).

I saw the nervousness and excitement in all the potential LAS 17 students. I thought back to my comp day, seeing everyone on the sides of the room, how perfect they looked and how bad I wanted to be them.

I think working on the Comp Day Team made the day more realistic, seeing how everything runs, and who is all involved. I thought everyone who was in LAS ran and facilitated all the events, but it was truly just leaders all around campus which I thought was amazing. I strive to be someone people can come up to if they need a leader, not necessarily because I’m in LAS but just because I’m impacting this campus in anyway.

I think I want to continue being a part of Comp Day in the following years because being on the lead team this year made me appreciate everything about the day even more.



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