As I prepare to take off, I gather my bags, cram last minute for my exam, and I’m getting hyped up. LAS takes a annual trip to Detroit in the second semester to educate future leaders on the leadership skills we’ve learned this year.

In Detroit, poverty is such a big issue. There’s a lot of homelessness, lots of violence, and  a lot of kids in schools who don’t get the best education. For me, going into the teaching field was something I didn’t even think twice about. If I’m called to be in a school district in a place like Detroit, I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity.

I seek a lot of hope for places like Detroit. I believe also that us as a country could help these places grow and get out of its suffering times.

Going to Detroit this weekend will be good for LAS 16. I think we as a cohort could always strive to do better to help guide others to be growing leaders. With a school like   Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, they have the basic tools they need to be great leaders.

We’re going to them this weekend to help Jalen Rose school grow even more while the LAS-ers gain experience facilitating as well.

The Leadership Institute has said from the beginning, “You don’t need to be in LAS to be a part of the LI family,” which makes everyone feel welcomed. It’s not just LAS who are leaders on campus, everyone is a leader on campus and in their own way. I knew with Dan Gaken saying that in his ever so famous opening speech, even if I didn’t get LAS, I would have become a part of the LI family.

That’s what I hope these students from Detroit get out. Even though they are the leaders around their areas, I hope they encourage others to lead, or I’ll encourage the students to help those who want to be leaders, but I just want to hit home to Jalen Rose students that no matter what, anyone can be a leader.

Detroit will be good for me because I’m the type of leader who is good behind the scenes, but not necessarily up front. I want to get good at talking in front of others and help facilitate conversations. I signed up to help the kids dive deeper into what they want out of their time with us. I want to be that person the students can talk to about  how they’re feeling or what’s going through their minds.

I’m super excited to meet the students, and gain relationships with people I don’t know very well. My group of LAS-ers is made up of people I want to get to know more which I’m also super pumped about as well.


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