Inspire Others to Express Themselves in Any Way, Shape, or Form They Choose

I’ve been racking my brain on this one for a while. I watched Simon Sinek’s TedTalk on ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Actions’ trying to find my “why” statement.

I’ve had a bunch of obstacles thrown at me lately, some crazy big obstacles. Some involves bullying in a way, and to me bullying is unacceptable. When I was younger, I got bullied quite a lot for the way I looked, for the way I answered questions, and certainly because I was adopted from a foreign country.

I expressed myself in my own way with choir and music. Music really got me to not think about sticky situations, and it motivated me to speak up for myself through music. People accepted me for the way I was involved with choir, whether it be with singing in two choirs or being in my many years of musical.

I wanted my way statement to be what it is because the world is weird at the moment. People who are gay, lesbian, transgender, ext. are continually getting ridiculed for the way they express themselves. I think it’s quite ridiculous that we as a society make fun of others because of external things. It’s petty and unnecessary.

Being a future teacher, I want to teach kids it’s okay to wear a dress if you’re a boy, or play football if you’re a girl. I want kids to know they are loved by me regardless of what they do to express their fashion, their mind, or their voice.

Even though my early childhood was a bit rough, I’m super thankful for my friends and family who taught me to express myself in anyway possible. Those OG’s in my life encouraged me to be my goofy self, and I have never felt more accepted than I do now, so shout out to all of you friends who’ve loved me all the way through everything.

My why statement is revolved around inspiring people to express themselves in any way, shape, or form they choose. I’m sorry, but if someone feels comfortable with the way they look or act, other people have no right to tell them to change, or even judge them. This is common day adult bullying, which I sure as hell will not be tolerating in my classroom.

Now what??? When I have my own classroom, I’m really going to encourage kids to love themselves for the wonderful kids they are. No person should ever feel belittled by another person because of how they choose to present themselves or express themselves.



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