I Mean…Naw……

Leadership puts you through a lot of decision making. You have to decide what’s best for your group as well as yourself, and you have to decide whether or not to step in when participants are working together to resolve a problem.

If you ask me, I’d tell you time and time again, leadership depends on each situation whether you should say yes or no. Mostly, my knowledge on leadership is certainly not needed.

In Detroit, there were a lot of moments where leadership was a yes on my part, but a lot of times I had to step back from the situation and just let it play out. Visiting Jalen Rose’s Leadership Academy, I was paired with a lot of my cohort, and only two JR students at one point. I figured out quickly that we as Leader Advancement Scholars, we enjoy taking control and charge of the different activities.

The students at Jalen Rose looked at us taking charge and sat back on the sidelines. I quickly saw the situation at hand. The exercise wasn’t for us to prove we’re this big bad scholarship at Central Michigan University. It was for the JR students to learn how to facilitate.

Another example I have for leadership being a “no” is when I look to my future. I’m so excited to learn a lot about children and how they function when processing new information. I think my “now what” statement for leadership is to teach kids the importance of how to be leaders and teach them how to step back when situations are under control.

Excitement fills the air when I think about my future, but like I said, leadership for me is mostly a no, but every situation is different. I’m very eager to see how much more this question will push me to make a more definite answer for the future.



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