Leadership With a Chance of Potatoes (pt 2)

After we were done with Jalen Rose, we drove to Quicken Loans to have a presentation along with pizza (YAS)! We had a presentation on why we should apply for an internship at Quicken Loans for the upcoming Summer. Everything was amazing, if I weren’t so busy this summer I’d move out to Detroit to do an internship there. We all each got a bunch of FatHeads with the Central “C” logo on it for our rooms.

The Quicken Loans people then showed us around the two (of like a billion) buildings they own. We played basketball on a court LeBron James plays on, we ate popcorn and drank slurpees, and walked around the offices and cubicles. You could tell that the company cares about each and every worker that joins the team.

We headed over to the Michigan Outdoors Activity Center after Quicken Loans. MOAC was just a huge playground to a bunch of college kids. We started out with an introduction from a worker from the MOAC, Mrs. Walter, who told us all about the history of the center.

After she was done speaking to us, we went crazy! Looking around everywhere for fun things to do, running around playing sardines, and climbing everywhere playing with the different hands-on things they had. I was the first up to hide for sardines. I also sucked and wasn’t fast enough hiding because everyone found me within the first 10 seconds of looking.

The cohort then headed back upstairs to set up where we would be sleeping for the night. I claimed a spot next to Jordan Johnston, and I was super excited to get to know her more as the night went on. Right before we all broke off again to get ready for bed, we did “shout outs” which makes my heart happy. We all say “shout out to …. for doing…..” and it continues for a long time.

After, I talked with my roomie for a bit at her sleeping bag, then shortly after I joined my entire cohort. Man, I can’t express how much I love this program

Just 49 of my best friends

I’m in with all these goof balls. We have each other’s backs, and we understand each other, and I forever want to stay connected with each and every one of them.

The cohort got in a circle and sat talking about hopes and dreams they had for the future. We shared stories and our pasts, and gave each other advice. Even got as deep as questioning why people wanted to do what they wanted to do. Again, I love my cohort and in that moment, I’ve never cried so much and felt like 40+ people had my back. Love you so much LAS 16!!

After about 2-3 hours of just listening to stories and talking about life, fears, joys, you name it, we finally fell asleep. Scattered around the floor, we all cuddled up by one another and was excited/not prepared for tomorrow. Not prepared because we all stayed up absurdly late.

Wake up time was around 7:30ish. We packed and went to our next destination, CASS. CASS is a social service agency who provides food, housing, health service, and job programs. All of the Central people split up and headed to do different jobs such as working in a kitchen, taking care of recycling paper, making rugs, ect.

I was put to go to the kitchen to prepare lunch/dinner for that day. About 8 of us peeled potatoes for the entire 2 hours, others had to make coleslaw, and I also had the opportunity to make juice for people to drink. I enjoyed that one because I got to do a sample taste test to make sure it tasted good (I love food).

I got to work with 7 other people who I didn’t know all that well (and the last was my G so FIRE UP FOR THAT!) so it was super nice getting to peel potatoes with them talking about life and stories once again. I can’t describe how happy this trip made me, I got to know so many people I don’t usually talk to!!

As our work day ended, we headed towards the bus and went to our final destination, Great Lakes Crossings to get some grub before we headed home. More time getting to know people, and their food was amazing.

I really hope to go back to Detroit next year, I got to know people on a more personal level rather than surface, and being there gives me much hope for Detroit. Between Quicken Loans improving the city one building at a time, to CASS helping people who can’t afford meals or living, to the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. They are going to truly change the world, and I can’t wait to see how, I’m so thankful for the LI for putting on this trip and I’m thankful for my cohort and the Lead Team for giving me a chance to share tough sides of myself and for accepting me anyways.



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