Experiences/ Skills

Leadership Experiences in High School

  • Student Council (4 years)
  • Choir (4 years)
  • Choir Council E Board (3 years)
  • Leadership Award (4 years)
  • Editor of the Newspaper (1 year)
  • Beyond Christian Club Founder and Leader (2 years)
  • Youth Group (4 years)
  • Mission Trips (4 years)
  • LINKS/Peer to Peer (2 years)
  • Select Women’s Ensemble (4 years)
  • Musical (4 years)
  • Youth Connections (1 Year)
Me on my Mission Trip over the summer to St. Louis, MO

Leadership Experiences/Involvements Freshman Year of College

  • Leader Advancement Scholar(2016-present): The skills I needed to obtain this scholarship was to be part of a club or group in high school. I dealt with communication, finances, and enthusiasm to get LAS.
  • Connections Conference Attendee (2016)
  • Spark Conference (2016)
  • Competition Day Lead Team (2016)
  • LAS in the D (2017)
  • Alpha Chi Omega Sorority (2016-Present)
  • Sorority Committee Position (2016-Present)
  • His House Mission Trip (2017)
  • His House Life Group (2016-Present)
  • His People- Present
  • Sorority Bible Study- Present
My roommates and me, Susie and Ashleigh

Leadership Experiences/Involvements Sophomore Year of College

  • Worked at Disney World: the skills I needed for this was communication, teamwork, and lots of patience.
  • Job Shadowing in Elementary Classrooms: the skills I needed was patience, the ability to work with children, and lots of energy.
  • Special Olympics Michigan Winter Games Volunteer: the main skills I needed with this job was to have a positive and outgoing attitude, patience, hard work, and ability to lead activities such as karaoke.
  • Polar Plunge: The skills I needed for this was the ability to fundraise and get my peers more aware of why the polar plunge is important to me.
  • Alternative Break Participant: For this, my skills are to communicate with my groupmates, interact with children at an elementary level, and be able to bring fun energy.
  • Alpha Chi Omega Sisterhood Chair: The skills I need for this is to be good at event planning, communicating with my sorority about prices and information regarding the events, finances, communications to organizations we’re pairing up with, and phone calls.
  • Mission Trip: I will be traveling to New Orleans with my church to serve God’s people that deal with homelessness or low-income families. Patience, courage, and faith are the skill sets I need to go on the trip.


This is from Special Olympics in late January to early February.



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