As a leader, I have high hopes and big dreams for my future. I want to make people as happy and comfortable as possible while I’m leading, and I want people’s voices to be heard more. I think it’s upsetting and unsettling when I hear people wanting to change something, but not feeling confident enough to take the initiative to do anything about it. As a leader, I want to find the courage to encourage people to speak up and be heard by others.

At Central, I’m hoping to become Risk Manager for my sorority. I think it’s important for people to know I’m there for them. I want to express to people how much I care about them, and I want to take on a responsibility of keeping my sisters safe. My goal for the next couple years is to get out there and educate people on mental health awareness.


As risk manager, they focus on keeping people safe. What I want to do with the role eventually is expand it to keeping people sane as well as safe. I want people to know how to cope with stress, or just have people be a little more aware of the health others around them have (mentally and physically).

Professionally, I want to be more involved with a club on campus that focuses on education for children. I want to gain the leadership abilities to help children learn, and what better way than being involved in a club that deals with issues just like that? I strive to be the teachers I had in elementary school, happy, fun, and educators who know how to deal with different situations. I think attending a club like that would help me get a better understanding of what I need to do to obtain those goals.

I plan to reach all of these goals by the end of my sophomore year. I want to know a  lot more leadership skills and how to apply them sooner rather than later. From there, I plan on making a more updated list of goals that are adjusted and trimmed to my life going into the summer of my junior year. Maybe those goals will still be the same as the goals I’ve set up here, but I’m sure I’ll still have different goals to achieve by then.



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