How Am I a Mentor Already?

Ever since coming to college, I’ve been wondering how I’ll ever become a mentor. I could barely take care of myself it seemed like. How could I possibly guide someone else to success when I have no idea of what was going on?

Luckily, being at college for an entire year helps you grasp tips and tricks that you want to share to incoming freshman. Things we know now that we would have wished we knew earlier.

I think before the mentor workshop, I was nervous on how to guide my mentee specifically to success. I forget that my cohort is mentoring the entire ’17 class. Before the workshop I forgot my cohort could be used as resources for questions or for anything my mentee needs.

Going to Florida next semester for the Disney College Program is so exciting, but my heart breaks for my mentee. I thought it was going to be the worst time for my mentee when I was gone because of the  fun stuff like Mentor/Mentee Retreat. After talking to my cohort in our GroupMe, I feel a little better about leaving (not much, but some). I have designated people for my mentee to go to for anything, but I know if she turned to anyone in my cohort, she’ll have someone there cheering for her and there to help within an instant.

If my mentee needs me to text her everyday asking her how her day was, I will do it in a heartbeat. If she needs time to herself, I’ll respect that. If she wants FaceTime dates once a week, I will do it. If she’s upset about something, I’m a phone call away and I wouldn’t ever hesitate to call- even when I’m busy. If she needs to see me, I’ll fly her down to Disney for a week, if not I’m on the first flight back to Michigan and driving all night to get here as quick as possible. I just want her to be happy, and I want to let her know I’m her mentor, even from Florida. I want her to know that she can turn to me for anything, and I want her to know she can count on me to be there for her.

Our family tree, who will help my mentee when I’m gone

She’ll be spoiled, even from Disney… I have a couple tricks up my sleeve. But after going over what mentees expect from mentors at the Mentor workshop, I think it’ll be okay even if I’m in another state. I believe wholeheartedly that my cohort will do a good job of being there for her. Also, my family tree will be there and take her under their wings. I have no doubts about it, I’ll just miss her so much which stinks, but I believe there’s still ways to be a good mentor even when you’re not on the campus with the mentee.


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