History for the Leaders

This semester, I took History 110L. In this class, it’s focused on American Leaders, and each semester we had to write a big paper on how the people we chose were leaders in history. The first one I did my paper on Lucy Stone, who was a feminist- I learned a lot about her in the sense that she was in the same era as Susan B. Anthony and all the big women’s advocates in those times.

lucy stone
Lucy Stone: The woman I did my first report on

The last paper I’m doing is on Rosa Parks and Brown vs. Board of Education. I wanted to focus on these because to me, it’s interesting learning about why these people did what they did and what made them leaders. I am going into education so I think learning about the B vs. B case would open my eyes to things that happened in education in the past.

Catherine Tobin is a great teacher. She makes things fun by sharing her personal stories about being from another country. Tobin makes the class enjoyable for history lovers because she’ll explain a concept in different ways. She’ll have us take notes, then watch a movie, then usually quiz us shortly after. I retain information well that way.

This class was a writing intensive, and the course helped me in writing. I’m not that strong of a writer, but this class pushes me to think outside of the box when it comes to writing reviews on a book. I did super well on my first book review because Tobin makes the assignments clear, and helps us write it.

This class has given me skills to work with for the rest of my college career. It not only helped me become a better writer, but a better reviewer. I think this class was good for me to refresh my memory on some things that happened in history that I forgot about.


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