Finding Mentee


Hey there, I promised you this blog post a while ago before you knew who I was, sorry it was a little late! I know your first impression of me was horrible. Meeting you was a wild goose chase for Teddy, Katie, and myself. I’m not sure if I told you when I met you how crazy it actually was.

After completely obliterating my precalc final exam, the three of us piled into my car and sped off to your soccer game. Little did I know the GPS was taking us a half an hour out of our way because I typed in the wrong address… mistake #1. You were playing at Lincoln High School and I typed in Lincoln Park High School. It wasn’t until we stopped at a gas station when I noticed we were in the completely wrong part of Michigan.


em3.pngLuckily, I contacted Josh the day before to let him know we were coming to the game. I quickly dm’ed him back telling him how badly I messed up.
“Stall her, we’re booking it,” I told him. With 20 minutes left on the clock of the game, how did we think we’d make it to the right location? It was a chilly day also… yikes- that’s mistake #2. 

I was speeding left and right to get to the right location. We would have made it had it not been for the construction back up on the highway. We were stopped for 10 minutes at one point trying not to lose our minds. Mentee, may I just add that your G is such a patient, kind, and loving person? In that moment… I swear she was about to get out and walk to the front of the traffic jam and scream at the cars to move faster. Driving for almost double the time we intended… mistake #3.

I got your mom’s number finally and as you know, we were texting back and forth. I called her while the game was still going on and she sounded so sweet and so willing to do whatever it took to get us to meet. From here on, I think you knew what was going on. Your mom dragged you to two different dinner spots so we could meet up. Jimmy Johns was $1 sub day so the line was out the door so your mom decided Five Guys. I think Five Guys was a big win for the day honestly. Oh, also I almost hit a biker trying to turn. We turned just BARELY missing the biker. Turns out it was the wrong direction anyways. Mistake #4.EM1.png
We left CMU 4 at and got to Five Guys at 7:45. The drive was supposed to take only two hours but here we were, rolling up almost two hours later! Seriously, I think I grew closer with Katie and Teddy through the experience. I saw some sides of both of them I’d never seen before. I think all three of us came off a little loopy to you… that car ride was wild and I think we were all so glad we finally found you. Anyways I’m not usually THIS dysfunctional, but I’d like to think it was justified.

The last mistake, mistake #5 was I was so nervous and excited to meet you, I saw you and instantly dropped my keys to the ground. The video Teddy took of me revealing to you now looks stupid because I was a gump and dropped my keys right before I handed you your gift.


I don’t think there was any other way your reveal could have been more complicated than it was, but Em I’m so excited to have you as our new addition to our family tree! I can’t wait for the Disney and Hamilton jam sessions I know we’re going to have. I can’t wait for you to know Teddy, Meredith, and Anna better next year.  It’s still crazy to me that you’ve been working with your GGG for the past semester in your mom’s classroom and no one knew it. Our entire family seriously cannot wait to get to know you.

If you ever need help or guidance academically, I’m going into Elementary Education and I have lots of friends and resources to help you for Special Ed. If you ever need a vent session, I’m all ears. Most importantly, if you need to be reminded of how awesome you truly are, I’ve got you covered. This upcoming year will be hard and there will be times it’ll suck, but I know you can do it.


Stay awesome, Mentee. I’ll see ya soon ❤


Love your dysfunctional Mentor,



We finally found you ❤



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