About Me

I’m Malini Ann Gadola (Malini, rhymes with colony). I’m adopted from New Delhi, India and I’m 20 years old. I live in East Lansing and I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Music Education with an emphasis on vocal and also have a minor in Leadership.

I wanted to come to Central because I wanted to get an experience away from home. I knew I wanted to be in Mount Pleasant from the moment I stepped on campus.  I watched a video for Leadership Safari and started crying during the video because I knew Central was where I would spend my next four years at. I knew leadership was something I wanted to expand on and grow in my time at Central.

I enjoy singing, Jesus, potatoing, listening to country music, and socializing with people. My favorite food is pasta, popcorn, or cheeto puffs, but most importantly… cheese! (even though I’m lactose intolerant)

I have an older brother named Sameer, and he’s 23. My mom and dad are both judges, my dad for the appellate court, and my mom is a tax judge. Mom and dad went to rival schools, yes, MSU and U of M. The house is 75% State fans, sorry mom.

If you had to know anything about me, it’d be that I love the color purple, I love elephants and usually cry whenever I see them, I love sunflowers and roses, and I could cuddle for hours. I’m scared of spiders, TERRIFIED of clowns, and hate rude people. I love trashy reality T.V., and if you can’t find me, it’s because I’m usually taking a nap.

On campus, I’m in LAS, Alpha Chi Omega, and am trying to get into a teaching group when I find more time. I can’t wait to explore more years here at CMU!